luxury vinyl flooring in Otsego

If you are thinking of installing vinyl flooring at home, it is important that you know its strengths and disadvantages.


Moisture resistant: This is one of its main advantages over laminate flooring. It is 100% moisture resistant, making it a very good option for bathrooms.

Noise reduction:  the best vinyl plank flooring in Baton Rouge, LA, especially flexible flooring due to its elasticity, dampens the noise of footsteps and provides a comfortable and quiet experience when walking on them.

Impact resistance: It has the ability to absorb shocks, especially the flexible one, so it protects the floor from possible blows.

Pleasant to the touch: Unlike a laminate floor, which is cold to the touch, a vinyl floor, due to its very composition, is soft and warm to the touch.

Hygienic: The sealed surface prevents the formation of bacteria and, in addition, they are non-slip.

Easy to maintain: Just wipe with a slightly damp cloth or rag.  Although there are specific products for this type of soil.

Variety of designs: As with laminate flooring, they can imitate any material: from stone or concrete to wood or iron.  With the advantage that they are much cheaper than a wooden or natural stone floor.


Low hardness: Compared to other materials, vinyl floors require more care.  They are likely to be damaged by sharp, rough or hot objects.

Sensitive to heat: They do not tolerate heat well. They can deform when the temperature exceeds 45 ºC.

They can discolor: Related to the above, sunlight can discolor them, especially if they are exposed to direct and excessive sunlight.

Price: compared to laminates, a quality vinyl floor is even more expensive.

 Other vinyl siding options that are very trendy are vinyl tile and adhesive tile.

They do not camouflage the irregularities of the previous pavement

As we mentioned before, these floors are installed on top of the previous one. Due to their composition, they are very flexible and fine soils . This implies that, if there are irregularities and unevenness in the pavement on which the installation is going to be carried out, the result will not be completely flat and will present the existing irregularities in the previous floor.